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At Glass Shop Fronts, we have 10 years of experience using multiple glass options to add a personalised look to your store.

We are proud to have been recently voted the Top Shop Front Installers in the United Kingdom when up against all of the top-rated FENSA approved companies.

We have successfully completed thousands of projects in and around Smethwick, from reinforced glass to frameless glass shopfronts, we can do it all.

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Why Use Us?

We’re an accredited shopfront installer with all the necessary training and more to provide excellent customer service and high-quality installations.

We possess all relevant construction certifications, including CHAS and Constructionline. Our creations go beyond appeal and functionality and meet the planning guidelines of all commercial entrances and shopfront design.

We offer competitive pricing on our unique frameless glass shop design and frameless glass doors in July 2024, just to ensure there is something for you.

Besides having a team of dedicated in-house installers in Smethwick, we have extensive experience in the industry of shop front. This has created the best relationships with leading suppliers, guaranteeing our customers affordable costs, from the installation to the cost of the glass shop front itself.

We offer above-standard glass products, along with the following options:

Some options feature exceptional durability with an added interlayer with quality patch fittings that are thermally efficient.

This prevents them from breaking and ensures their high transparency doesn’t diminish with high temperatures. The glass and fused interlayer stay attached even after an impact by maintaining their residual strength.

Our designers work to provide tints and graphics on the glazing to suit your branding needs. We also offer matching handles and doors for a consistent brand identity; get in touch with us a get a free quotation for your next frameless glass shop front project.

Costs Of Glass Shop Fronts Smethwick

The average cost of a glass shopfront in Smethwick is £500-£5,000.

There are a number of reasons why the price can vary. We have listed a number of these factors below:

Door type

The type of door you choose will influence the overall costs. For example, replacing old glass with a single pane instead of a double pane will cost less.

However, double-glazed glass is more energy efficient, helping you lower your power bills.

Mode of operation

Glass shopfronts in Smethwick can be automated or manual. While automated frameless glass doors make it easier for customers to come in and go out as they please, they cost higher than traditional varieties. Sliding glass doors are a great option and more manageable to operate.

glass shop front costs Smethwick

Security features

Different glass doors feature varying security levels. Some upgraded materials have advanced security features, ideal for stores or places with sensitive information or high-value goods. However, this advantage comes at a cost.


The complexity or simplicity of the installation in Smethwick will depend on the size and number of doors. The larger the size and the more doors, the more effort and time taken. This increases the costs related to the installation process.


The extra thick glass of double strength offers better value than single strength glass. This is because the latter is more durable and less likely to break while enhancing the structural stability of the window.

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What To Consider For Your Glass Shop Front?

There are various factors to consider when planning for your glass shop front installation in West Midlands. We have listed things that you should think about below:


The glass shopfront should be welcoming. Working with a Smethwick professional to balance the decorations, glazing, and posters is important.

Too many signs and posters could create a cluttered appearance on the shop front that may put customers off. The design shouldn’t prevent natural light from coming in as this may affect comfort.


The practicality of your shopfront is a critical aspect. Would you prefer doors that are held open or the self-closing types?

Do you require double doors? For the second question, it’s best to consider whether you stock larger items and if you expect high traffic from and to the shop. Do you have high-value merchandise?

If security is a priority in your company in Smethwick, consider installing two to three locks. In addition, you can opt for security glass glazing.

This refers to glass panels with a tough plastic interlayer that can stand up to significant impacts. Whether they crack or break, they remain in position.

Quality and Maintenance

Choosing quality can guarantee durability. Superior locks made of aluminium foster high-security levels.

They are also not difficult to open after long-term use and exposure to various elements. This also applies to self-closing doors with floor springs or standard hinges.

While opting for high-quality materials and an expert installation is vital, servicing your shopfront shouldn’t be ignored. It limits the chances of mechanical issues.

Always work with a reputable installation team who will pay attention to your requirements and provide the best advice on your options.

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Types Of Glass Shopfronts

There are many different types of glass shop front you can have installed, including:

Toughened Glass Shop Fronts Smethwick

It is one of the strongest glass choices available. It undergoes a heat-treating process to make the glass sheets four to five times stronger than normal glass.

It features enhanced strength, increasing durability and averting blunt impacts without breaking.

In case it breaks, tempered glass will not shatter but breaks into small, pebble-like pieces. That means those in the immediate area cannot get hurt from broken glass.

Additionally, it is heat resistant to offer shielding from the fire’s intense heat. These advantages make it costly but ideal for places with high-traffic areas. But they are a worthwhile investment to any business.

Laminated Glass Shopfronts Smethwick

This shopfront type is also known for its strength. It is made by bonding a clear vinyl interlayer between two glass plies.

This boosts structural integrity to withstand heavy blows. Some options also incorporate a special polycarbonate layer for bulletproof quality.

In the event of breakage, this glass doesn’t shatter or fall out of place. The broken glass pieces remain within the pane due to the interlayer. This minimises the risk of injuries.

The additional layers of these products also reduce noise, which is a valuable feature for stores in high-traffic areas like malls or busy streets.

Fire-Rated Glass Shopfronts Smethwick

A fire-rated glass door is an excellent choice for protecting your property, customers, and employees from fires. It is further divided into two types: fire-resistant and fire-protective glasses.

The fire-protective glass prevents the fire and smoke from spreading and offers a level of protection from radiant heat. This glass type is also made from glass instead of clear ceramic.

Fire-resistant glass provides the best protection during a fire and contains flames and smoke from spreading. It also comprises multiple glass layers in a sheet to block radiant heat.

When a fire breaks out, those passing by the commercial fire-resistant glass door are not exposed to the intense heat of the blaze.

You may also consider intumescent painting for in and around your shop to ensure safety.

types of glass shopfronts Smethwick

Decorative Glass Shopfronts Smethwick

Commercial buildings can choose to prioritise aesthetics and opt for decorative shopfronts. These come in handy during restoration projects.

Selecting a patterned glass door can easily achieve a specified look. It can even provide privacy by blocking clarity.

Businesses looking for aesthetics and durability can choose temperable patterned glass types. A reputable and experienced installer can help you choose the best one for your store.

The two-way commercial mirror glass pairs are ideal for modern designed buildings. They are unique and provide sleek aesthetics. Some options also allow for light transmission into the space and uninterrupted viewing.

Curved Glass Shopfronts Smethwick

Custom curved glass shopfronts add a sense of luxury and help your store stand out from the crowd. This is while allowing your products to be seen for advertisement purposes and to inspire curiosity.

You can also opt for a laminated curved glass display to meet aesthetics. It ensures durability and offers better protection from natural disasters and vandalism.

Frameless Glass Shopfronts Smethwick

Frameless glass is sleek and modern and allows light to penetrate the shop for excellent product displays.

They also feature a range of design options and finishes to allow you to choose what suits your shop. They are also customisable to meet your shopfront size, shape, and design.

Uses Of Glass Shopfronts

Glass shopfronts can be installed in a wide variety of areas in Smethwick, including:

Glass shopfronts add a sophisticated and stylish touch, which is why they are extremely popular in such places.

We have included more information on some of the facilities below.

Schools and Nurseries

School glazing in Smethwick has been rising in popularity for a good reason. It enhances the learning environment for better student performance. Studies have revealed that bright school and nursery spaces foster faster learning and boost teachers’ morale.

Based on the glass choice, it can also increase energy efficiency and lower energy bills. The use of safety and protective glazing also bolsters school security.

Leisure Centres

Glass is a popular choice of material in the construction of leisure centres. This is because these areas, including dance studios, are humid and need a non-porous material for easier maintenance.

Glass promotes cleanliness, safety, and effective monitoring. Choosing options of premium quality also guarantees safety and air circulation.


Hospitals in Smethwick can also benefit from glass doors and partitions.

It enhances the hospital layout and beauty to generate a safer and less stressful environment for both patients and healthcare workers. This results in better patient experience and outcomes.

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Types Of Commercial Glass Doors Based On Operation

Glass material remains one of the most popular choices in commercial construction, especially in offices and supermarkets.

It adds an element of elegance and safety and can be customised to any size and shape. You should also choose a door that meets your functionality needs, with the mode of operation being a vital factor.

Automatic Glass Doors

Automatic doors go beyond convenience and provide more benefits. They make it effortless for customers to enter and exit your business and help the employees move in and out of the building easily, perfect for moving heavy merchandise and stores with high traffic.

It is also an environmentally friendly option since it consumes less energy while providing an extra layer of security and deters burglars and intruders in Smethwick.

Bi-Folding Glass Doors

Bi-fold doors are characterised by two panels that fold together when fully opened. They provide excellent functionality without sacrificing aesthetics and are used for commercial and residential purposes. They are ideal for limited space as they use up less space even when opened fully.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are perfect for modern workspaces and environments. Their sleek designs match any style to achieve a chic and high-end look.

They are also suitable for blocking sound from outside, thanks to their thick glass and patent-pending acoustic seals.

This means they are an ideal solution for busy, noisy environments to eliminate the need for adding walls and doors. Consult a supplier with varying frames, styles, and decorative options to find the one that suits your branding efforts.

Glass Doors and Windows

Many Smethwick spaces can make use of glass windows and doors to create a stunning space. These include both commercial and residential properties.

They can be customised to hinge, pivot, slide, stack-and-fold, and slide. They can also be manufactured in acoustic and fire-rated specifications per your needs.

Benefits of Glass Shop Fronts Smethwick

There are many different benefits of glass shop fronts, including:

Visually Appealing

Your store needs glass shop fronts for the best representation of your business.

Your shopfront creates the first impression on potential customers. A fully glazed screen can appeal and cause an inviting atmosphere that compels buyers to come in. You can choose a standard or modern frontage based on your brand style.

Glass shopfronts in Smethwick incorporate magnificence and are ideal for broad applications, including showrooms, shopping centres, and restaurants. They provide a maximum display area and fabulous designs and are the perfect way to revamp an outdated space.

Fosters Curiosity

Glass shopfronts boost your advertising efforts since customers can see or preview what is in your store. The visible display includes what’s new, in stock, and on offer.

This inspires curiosity about what goes on inside to increase walk-ins, sales, and revenue. Since they also allow light to come in, it creates an illusion of broader and brighter space.

benefits of glass shopfronts West Midlands


Toughened glass is a material that offers excellent resistance to corrosion. It also stands up to harsh weather conditions and minimises damage in the occurrence of an accident. That means it is a safe choice for your frontage.


Toughened glass is made under stringent procedures to ensure it is scratch-resistant and hard to penetrate. This makes it an excellent security feature for any Smethwick shopfront.

Highly Customisable

Various techniques make the glass shopfront work for your specific business space and customers. The shatterproof characteristic means it provides safety for walking around.

On the other hand, multi-layered options prevent the wind from coming in, while soundproof varieties are ideal for stores in high-traffic areas to minimise the noise.

Low Maintenance

A glass shopfront offers convenience. You won’t need to polish, varnish, or waterproof it. It will look vibrant even long after installation.

It also requires less maintenance with little to no effort to stay clean. You can get rid of any grease and dirt traces by simply wiping it with a cleaning product designated for glass. These could take seconds to a few minutes.

What Is a Glass Shopfront?

A glass shopfront offers a transparent view that showcases products easily. It boosts aesthetic quality, allows unrestricted flow of light, and can be used in stores to residences.

Glass doesn’t degrade due to chemical and surrounding environmental effects. It is durable and can maintain its structural integrity and appearance for longer.

It can also be designed and manufactured to meet your shopfront needs and desired outcome. All colours can be offered according to individual taste and to suit brand requirements.


The manufacturers we use include:

For more information on the manufacturers that you can choose from, please contact our team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Glass is Used for Shop Windows?

Tempered glass is an excellent choice for shop windows.

It makes the store safer and doesn’t break easily. It undergoes a thermal tempering process to enhance its strength. However, you can foster some privacy for your customers by adding natural light with frosted or tinted glass options.

How Secure are Glass Shopfronts?

Glass shopfronts in Smethwick have been reinforced with toughened glass and are, therefore, very secure.

After undergoing various chemical and thermal treatments, toughened glass is four to five times stronger than traditional glass to deter thieves.

That means you can advertise your products without risking the safety and security of your merchandise, employees, and customers.

What Maintenance is Involved in the Upkeep of Glass Shopfronts?

There are various maintenance tips to keep your glass shopfront looking its best and include:

How Long Does a UPVC Shopfront take to fit?

The installation job can take one day with several weeks of preparation, with larger and more complex projects taking longer.

Still, the timeframe differs since every project in Smethwick is unique. This depends on the complexity of the installation and includes:


The customisation of the Smethwick shopfront will greatly influence the fitting. Simple doors can be supplied and installed in about ten to fourteen days, with bi-fold doors requiring intricate procedures that last up to fourteen to twenty-one days. Any design features will also increase the installation time.

Security features

Installing a high-security door takes longer than a standard installation. This is because more fittings lengthen the process, increasing the duration.

What are Shop Fronts Made Of?

Shop fronts can be made of metal, wood, glass, and UPVC and can be decorated with paint or tiles.

You can also choose from a range of doors, including sliding, revolving, manual, automatic, and glass doors.

Manual varieties require effort during opening and closing and are ideal in places where power supply is an issue.

On the other hand, automatic doors use weight or visual sensors for operation. They are perfect where there is diverse traffic of pregnant women, senior citizens, and people living with disabilities.

What is a Shop Front?

A shop front is a façade or entryway of a retail store situated on the street level or ground floor of a building.

Simply put, it is the front side of a store or commercial building.

Which Glass is Best for Shop?

The best glass for the shop in Smethwick depends on your needs below:


If you are searching for glass shop fronts to upgrade the outlook of your business, we offer a wide range of styles, colours, and options to suit your specific store requirements.

Our professional team has partnered with institutions, businesses, and residences to provide stunning outcomes.

We offer quality glass shopfronts and expert installation nationwide. Breathe life to your shopfront by getting in touch today for a free quote!

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Here are some towns we cover near Smethwick.

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